Vehicle Diagnostics Service in St Neots

Trying to get that elusive answer to what is wrong with you car or van? Total Auto in St Neots has the know how!

All cars and vans suffer with something and some point and most of us have sat staring at the dashboard at a warning light that makes no sense, busily thumbing through the handbook to find out what it means only to be advised to seek advice from a mechanic. Whether it’s a dash warning, strange sound, change in performance or wet patch on your driveway it can be a frustrating experience so why not start the process of with some cost effective advise. Main dealers can charge over ¬£100 for diagnostics but at Total Auto you can get this for a fraction of the cost. Whether it’s using our technicians experience and expertise to quickly diagnose the problem or using the latest scanning software to find a fault code. Total Auto will be able to quickly tell you what the issue is and potentially what needs doing. It’s then your choice as to whether you want us to do the work or do it yourself.