Total Auto R.P.M


Here at Total Auto we have a real passion for cars that are a bit different. Aspirated engines, British classic cars, American Muscle cars, Upgrading Modern cars and anything that brings a vehicle back to it’s former glory or takes a current one to a new level.

An Ideal Partner…. for your long term project carrying out those tasks that your home garage isn’t equipped for or you

don’t feel comfortable doing. Whether this is ensuring your braking system is up to scratch, welding old panels or overhauling an entire engine.

Access to parts…. and helping find those hard to find parts and components taking advantage of our knowledge and our network of suppliers all over the world.

Ideas and Advice…. helping you decide how to make your car run better, faster and louder. Whether you want to turn upgrade the performance of your engine

or lower your vehicle or any other performance modification.

Engine Tuning Speciaists …. whether we are looking to bolt on performance parts such as induction kits, sports exhausts or performance air filters or looking to remap your engine to provide more power, torque and economy.

Drive Performance Specialists … helping with brake disc conversions, springs and coil overs or any other modification that can help with the overall performance of your vehicle.

Get in touch with us or pop down and talk to the team to discuss your project, build, upgrade or enhancements.