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ECU Remaps and Chip Tuning at Total Auto St Neots

Here at Total Auto we love engines and more than that we like making engines faster, louder and performing better than ever. Thats why we have invested heavily in the very latest chip tuning and vehicle remapping equipment and training to not only offer enhanced vehicle performance  but in a safe way which does not risk your vehicle like some of the seemingly cheaper alternatives on the market or available for home use.

Our remaps come with a full warranty and are entirely reversible. We also carry out a full diagnostics check on your vehicle before proceeding. We check brake, timing chain and belt and clutch quality before carrying out your remap at our St Neots workshops. All remaps are carried out not only by a trained remap technician but one that has also served as a mechanic as well.

Our remaps aim to increase BHP, Torque and improve fuel economy and you can select which of these you want to include. In addition to this our equipment allows us to manage and improve issues with regards to your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) once they have been cleaned or replaced and EGR valves as well as some EML issues and items like Launch Control. With pricing from £199 for your ECU remap it offers a cost effective way of getting more out of your vehicle.

Our mechanics can also advise and fit a range of vehicle performance modifications that include induction kits, performance filters, springs and coil overs and performance exhausts. We are happy to work with self supplied kits or can recommend options from the likes of Jetex, K&N and Scorpion.

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