Tracking, Alignment & Brakes and Pads

Total Auto offers tracking and wheel alignment as well as brake discs and pads replacement in St Neots.

I’m sure you can agree that one of the most important parts of any car is your wheels and everything they do! Correctly inflated tyres and legal tyres that aren’t worn or out of shape will improve your overall driving experience. Another key factor is your wheel alignment and tracking. We have all experienced that feeling when you let go of the steering wheel and feel the car veer to the left. This is where your tracking is out of alignment and the fix is a relatively simple one. We have the ability out our facility in St Neots to realign your tracking quickly and easily. This will result in far better steering performance, on road performance, tyre condition and economy. For at little as ¬£39 this is well worth doing!

Routinely your vehicle will need new brake pads and brake discs this is generally something that depending on your annual mileage typically can be required every 12-36 months. Replacing discs and pads is not simply just an issue of performance or routine service jobs. It is one of safety and is part of the MOT Test as well. Low pads and discs, warped discs etc. can lead to reductions in your ability to brake efficiently and in an emergency stop situation can mean the difference in stopping correctly or not at all.