Importing a Vehicle? We can help!

We know a thing or two about importing cars and Total Auto can help you import yours!

We have loads of experience when it come to importing cars. As well as being an established vehicle importer our experience has helped us understand what is needed to import a car into the UK. Whether it’s a European car or a car from somewhere else we know what is needed to get your car fully road legal. In fact once modified for the UK roads we can also arrange the MOT and the team can complete your re-registration.

Whether you need new headlights fitting for right hand drive roads, changing of the speedo face or installation of correct rear fog lights we can do it all. Some non-EU cars require additional work to get through the VOSA inspections and we can support that as well.

Additionally some cars from the EU have the correct setups but VCA require a series of documentation and confirmations from a professional garage to sanction its use prior to DVLA accepting it for registration. We can carry out this simple inspection and provide the VCA garage statement or complete the paperwork for your car or van if needing Mutual Recognition.