DPF Cleaning & Solutions

Blocked DPF Cleaning and Solutions  in St Neots

DPF or Diesel Particulate Filters are a consistent issue faced by garages. In essence, these filters which are designed to reduced emissions become blocked if the DPF regeneration cycle  which is a self cleaning cycle is not able to work effectively more often than caused by the vehicle never been driven long enough or not reaching optimum temperature for the cycle to complete. Whilst there are many approaches to how this can be solved, current changes to the MOT rules mean that you cannot remove DPF’s on the UK roads. The cost of replacing some DPF’s is very very high.

Forced Regeneration and Additives – These potentially are some of the cheaper routes that can be offered. Using our diagnostics equipment we maybe able to force the regeneration process thus clearing the blocked DPF. We can add special DPF cleaning solutions to aid the process as well.

Professional DPF Cleaning – By removing the DPF and putting it through the cleaning process on an industrial level we can almost certainly solve the issue and bring your DPF back to life and then refit it.

  • The best way to internally clean and restore the blocked DPF to virtually original condition is through a two-way aqueous cleaning, with the DPF removed from the vehicle.
  • Our powerful, state-of-the-art DPF Machine works by combining water, air and specialist agents to wash the filter remove virtually 100% of both soot and ash, This restores your filter to virtually new condition, ready for another life.
  • There are many other DPF solutions on the marked to help resolve your DPF problems. These a have various rates of success. If considering any of them, checkout cost versus long-term effectiveness and what guarantees are being offered, if any.


DPF Removal for Export Vehicle or Off Road Vehicles Only

We are able also to offer full removal and remapping of your DPF if the vehicle is for export outside of the UK or Europe. For many clients sending vehicles to Africa, Asia or Eastern Europe where Euro 2 -4 Emissions are standard and fuel quality is lower the removal of the DPF becomes essential as the European DPF’s on cars and vans will block up quicker. We are able to offer the full service to remove the DPF and programme the vehicle to recognise that there is no DPF anymore. This can also be applied to vehicles that are not used on UK roads and only on private areas whereby the low mileage causes DPF issues.

Please note that this method of DPF solution is not accepted by the UK Ministry of Transport and any recognisable modification to the DPF on inspection would result in an MOT failure.